Buying and Selling a Home in the Winter

House in the winter

Tips for Selling Your Home This Winter:

The real estate market is generally hotter during the spring and summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sell your home during the colder months. If you want to sell your home quicker and for a great price this winter, here are some great tips to follow:

  • Keep the driveway and walkways shoveled and clear of ice – potential buyers might be put off if they’re slipping all over trying to get to the front door.
  • Keep the heat on – potential buyers will spend more time inside looking around if they’re warm and comfortable.
  • Decorate the interior and exterior of your home to brighten it up – put out classy, seasonal decorations like wreaths, candles, flowers, and lights to make your home appear more inviting (but don’t overdo it).
  • Don’t give up hope! Selling a home can take longer during the winter than in the warmer months, but there are still buyers out there. Don’t price your home too low or too high, and you’ll sell your home in no time.

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Tips for Buying a New Home This Winter:

Fewer homes might be on the market in the cold winter months, but you might also find less competition. Don’t let your dream home slip away – follow these tips to buy a great home this winter:

  • Take the time to look at homes in daylight. Since it gets darker out much earlier than usual, be sure to plan your showings while it will still be light enough to see everything.\
  • Get a professional home inspection done to test the furnace, check for leaks, and find any other issues that might have been missed through your first walkthrough.
  • Talk to a realtor about offering below the asking price – homes sitting on the market longer might be open to a lower offer.

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