Increase Your Home’s Value & Sales Potential

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Sell Your Home Faster & For More!

Home improvements are something you can enjoy now and when you sell your house. A remodel can increase your resale value, and even small updates can make your home more desirable to potential buyers; helping you sell faster and often for a higher price. Below are improvements – small and large – that you can make to increase your home’s value and sales potential.

Inexpensive Updates

  • Invest in landscaping. Low maintenance plants, shrubs, and tress that are native to your region will add color and curb appeal to your yard. If your lawn is in rough shape, consider having a new seed or sod lawn put in.
  • Install ceiling fans in room with poor air circulation; this is an inexpensive way to improve energy efficiency.
  • Paint the interior of your home. Freshly painted walls can make your old house feel like new. Neutral colors are the best choice if you plan on selling sooner rather than later.
  • Improve interior lighting. Your home will be less appealing if it’s dimly lit. Install ceiling lights or find ways to bring more natural light into the home.
  • Do you live in an area with bad water? Consider installing a water filtration system in your kitchen. Purified water will improve your home life now and appeal to buyers.
  • Update bathroom fixtures and kitchen appliances. A new toilet, faucets, shower head, or mirror can make quite the difference in the look and function of your bathroom. Even new paint can bring your outdated bathroom into the present. If you have a faulty garbage disposal or leaky faucet, make repairs or buy replacements.
  • Replace flooring and carpets as needed. Getting rid of your home’s worn, out of date carpeting or flooring is a great way to make a better first impression and sell your home faster. If your home has hardwood floors hidden under the carpet, consider restoring the hardwood to increase the resale value.

Valuable Home Improvements

  • Energy Efficiency updates cut costs for you now and will make your home more appealing to buyers in the future. Installing new energy efficient windows is a worthwhile investment.
  • Improve air quality. When was the last time you had your air ducts cleaned? Clean air ducts result in a cleaner indoor air and a more efficient HVAC system. Speaking of HVAC systems; how is your heat and AC performing? If you have regular problems or a really old HVAC system; get quotes from a reputable HVAC company. They will be happy to go over your product options and will explain the benefits of new HVAC installation.
  • Expand your home. Whether you’re growing your family and don’t have enough room, or you think your home will do better on the market if you can attract families, bump-outs and additions are a guaranteed way to improve your home’s value. You’re adding more square feet to your floor plan and the price will reflect that. If you’ve got the funds for this investment, it’s one you can truly enjoy. Bump-out your kitchen, turn your bedroom into an incredible master suite, or add a sunroom.
  • Remodels are another home improvement that boosts your home value and improves your current living space. Kitchen, bathroom, family room, and basement remodels are the most popular when it comes to increasing your selling price and potential buyers pool.

Work with Realtors That Know the Market

If your home is priced too high for the area it’s in, you’ll be waiting an incredibly long time to sell, if it ever sells. Conversely, listing your home for too low will cause you to lose out on potentially thousands of dollars. Market Realty Group knows the area, and can help you list your home for the right price.

If you’re selling a home in Burlington, Wisconsin, our realtors want to hear from you. Contact us!

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